IWA news in 2017

We have looked around for you at the IWA outdoor classics in 2017, according to the hunter a few interesting innovations from the fields of weapons and ammunition, clothing, optics, and accessories. Here is a small selection of the manufacturers …


Fjällräven Conscious Hunting In The Fall/Winter 2017/18

New growth receives the Fjällräven hunting collection, Conscious Hunting in the fall/Winter 2017/18 by the Lapland Pyrsch Jacket and Lapland Pyrsch Trousers – durable, warm and quiet clothing for the extra-quiet hunting. The new Lapland Eco Shell Jacket complements the hunting collection with a functional rain jacket with detailed solutions for use in forest and corridor.

Another Highlight of the Lapland Friluft backpack, complete with thought-out functions and, specifically, for hunting was developed.

The Swedteam Deutschland GmbH provides the collection in 2017, and with DESOLVE® is an exceptional Camouflage pattern in the Luggage.

It is new on the European market and was developed to the point of view of the Wild. Developed 3 variants for 3 different hunting conditions – Veil, Fire™ and Zero.

New Ridgeline Pro-Hunt Set

As a fair novelty the new Zealanders present, the new Pro-Hunt series, which is specially designed for the hunter jacket and trousers made of “Bonded Fleece” in Digital Camo, which are provided with a weather protection membrane. The two garments are waterproof, windproof, breathable and noiseless.

The jacket has the typical long new Zealand average. The Pro-Hunt trousers have a reinforced seat and side zips for Ventilation and an elastic waistband. Both pieces of clothing, there are together in a Set or individually.


MINOX BL 8×56 HD Made in Germany

The ‘ 56 model has been completely revised and optimized the new Design with practical comfort bridge, a higher contrast, the exceptionally large field of view, as well as a further reduction of the stray light according to optics manufacturer to an unrivalled viewing experience!

Riflescope family in the upper middle class

The new ZEISS Conquest V6 riflescope family includes 3 models: ZEISS Conquest V6 1.1-6×24, ZEISS Conquest V6 2-12×50 and the ZEISS Conquest V6 2-12×50.

ZEISS would like to set a new Standard in the upper middle class. “Whether hunting, drive hunting, Stalking or long range shooting target optics with a 6-fold Zoom-are impressive in every hunting Situation,” explains product Manager Matthias Raff.

The new ZEISS Conquest V6 family is from the end of March 2017 in the trade available.


The weapons manufacturers, Browning, and riflescope mounting specialist Dentler have embarked together on a TRANS-national partnership. As a first result of this collaboration was to present the two companies in 2017, the Autonomous riflescope mounting system NOMAD for the Browning world, which none of the compatibility to the already available Dentler basic and mounting rails outsider brands lose.

The new KAHLES riflescopes

KAHLES promises: The new models offer no technical gadgetry and dazzle, not with the theoretical power values, but convince through their uncompromising focus on what is really Important for the hunting practice.

All models of the Helia series have the proven OILPHOBIC-coated lenses and illuminated day/night Reticle in 2. Image plane with intelligent automatic shutdown. Quick adjustment and SR-Rail are available as optional extras.

The new Helia series replaces the entire hunting 30mm riflescope range. Available from may 2017.

  • Helia 1-5x24i (for the movement of hunting)
  • Helia 2-10x50i (for Stalking)
  • Helia 2,4-12x56i (for the estate)

Prices start from 1,500 euros.


The AKAH new on the shelves:

  • Target silhouette BIRD With a clamping band.Rotating metal Silhouette in the shape of a bird. The goal can be secured with a tensioning strap to a tree or post
  • AKAH rifle sling from oil leather
  • Laptop bag made of felt from the AKAH saddlery.

Comet News 2017

On the topic of vacuum packaging area in Private! provides COMET with the VacuFresh is a “drawer” Version for vacuum packing of fresh products. If the VacuFresh not taken into account in the planning of the kitchen or kitchen appliances, it can be easily retrofitted.

For the kitchen installation, no special orders are necessary. It is easy to retrofit and fits in all 2 Grid standard drawers (55 cm and 60 cm of width), so that maximum one drawer must be replaced.

The award-winning SKELETOOL RX

Using the pliers as a base module of each Leatherman multi-tools, the needle-nose pliers, 420HC combo blade and the bit holder meets the SKELETOOL RX the claim of a versatile multi-tools.

Glass crusher and bottle opener distinguish the iF product Design Award-winners in the category “INDUSTRY / Skilled Trades” from the other products and draw it as a practical, compact tool for the rescue operation.

Light for adventurers

The lighting specialist Ledlenser a new Outdoor series is in the spotlight. With the MH10, MH6 and MH2 offers Ledlenser 3 powerful head lamps for all those to that the hands free is a must-have. The festival of lights in the handle, each with the four flashlights, MT18, MT14, MT10, and MT6.

The flashlights MT10, MT14 and MT18, as well as the head lamp MH10 a color attachment can be plugged, in order to have specially when hunting, while fishing, or in the fog, always the best view.

FAW08 Universal shooting bag Blackline

A compact, versatile space-saver in which, for example, for the next visit to the Shooting range can be a lot of accessories store.

Plenty of storage option for the short gun, shooting vest, papers, ear protection and ammunition. The included, padded shoulder strap, easy to fasten and ensures smooth Transport.

New heat belt of Thermopad

Ideal for hunting, Thermopad 12 hours of heat for the entire lumbar area.

4 large thermal cell donations-lasting deep heat for up to 12 hours during the hunt. The belt is to wear thanks to Stretch fabric and Velcro fastening comfortable to use and provides a cold temperature for a relaxing residence.

Canibeep Pro Acoustic Locating Device

The acoustic locating device Canibeep Pro from Kerbl is, your dog is Hunting, in training or during a walk in the dense forest regions in a radius of up to 200 metres. 4 different acoustic signals are emitted from a neck band, built-in speaker. The device has a beep at the collar, at the 2 function modes can be programmed. The sensitivity of the movement, as well as the volume can be adjusted.

THE CASE LIGHT from Niggeloh is set up for replaceable cartridge inserts. Depending on the weapon, the you can take method of hunting authorised to and scheduled. There are 3 different inserts are available, each of which can be combined with the case, or individually purchased.

Advantages of the case Light:

  • Safe and captive
  • Attachment to the belt without having to open this
  • Material: Lightweight Neoprene

Optionally available: A high-quality coupling made of webbing, with the THE case LIGHT can be worn over the clothing, continuously adjustable –max. 140 cm in length; is 38 mm wide; light weight: only approx. 150 grams

Dörr presents the active capsule hearing protection E-Slim GS-23

The advantages in a nutshell:

– ultra-slim capsules

– SNR-attenuation of up to 23dB

level – dependent gain, up to 9-fold

– external communication

Weapons and ammunition

News flood of BRENNEKE

BRENNEKE is launching a new products of fireworks and will expand the range of products on offer with a total of 21 new cartridge and rifle shot.

Here, the focus is on the introduction of the 3 calibers in 6.5 mm. Another new caliber .270 Win. In the area of the 7 mm cartridges with the 8 cartridges, the largest program expansion.

The all new lightweight BRENNEKE soft point bullet as the entry-level model, the Rem it in the calibers of 7×64, 7x65R, and 7mm. Mag. . The light of the Original BRENNEKE Torpedo Ideal bullet (TIG®), for the .308 Win. and the .30-06 is available, extends the offer .30-caliber.

Available in the variants Boker Gobec Nicker Hirschhorn (Scales from selected Hirschhorn) and Boker Gobec Nicker maple (Scales made of maple wood).

Boker Gobec Nicker Hirschhorn

The new edition of the popular Jagdnickers by Stefan Gobec is drop-forged and fully integral structure.

The finely polished blade is running nick typically narrow, but with 4 mm thickness, an extremely high stability. For the blade of the classic Solingen comes to blade steel 4034.

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