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Jaén: piden medidas para acabar con los daños que ocasionan los conejos en cultivos - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.

COAG has asked that measures be taken to put a stop to the damages that are caused to the rabbits in different areas of the province of Jaén, where, according to this organization of agriculture, are devastating cotton plantations located.
According to COAG in a press release, several acres have been affected already, especially in the areas of Mengibar, Torreblascopedro and Linares. The action of the animals is causing “significant economic losses” in crops to the farmers, who “are displayed helpless before the action of the wildlife”.

And there are the farmers the only ones affected, as also the olivareros are suffering its effects in items such as irrigation systems or infrastructure, as well as rafts of irrigation.

The cotton Remedies Peña is one of those affected by the action of the rabbits in the land of Mengibar. In your case, the rabbits have destroyed more than a hectare of cotton. “We are very concerned about all the destruction that they are causing because it hasn’t been just me, but many more peers are in the same situation.”

In this situation you are confronting the farmers of the province, the COAG-Jaén asks that you take appropriate steps to remedy it. In this sense, Carlos Carrillo, the company’s environmental management Cist and usual collaborator of this organization of agriculture, has pointed out that “there are legal mechanisms to seek possible solutions and cope with adverse effects”.

In this way, has explained that on those farms which are on vacant land you can make a technical report of the damage control and request Administration of an exceptional catch by ferrets and rabbits to move them to another area.

For his part, in those farms that are located in areas of hunting grounds, will be the Technical Plan of Hunting the one that must decide which action to perform to end up with “this threat”, and may also be used such mechanisms as previously exposed, so as to prevent problems to the farmers and, in addition, to take the rabbits to areas where they are not and promotes both the practice of hunting as the administration of food to the predators.

In any case, since the COAG-Jaén is requested to “take out appropriate legal measures to prevent farmers continue to suffer damage to their crops and, therefore, economic losses increasingly worrying”.

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