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Acaba la caza pero los cazadores siguen trabajando - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.Acaba la caza pero los cazadores siguen trabajando - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.






Hunters not only dedicate themselves to hunt, but throughout the year, as conservationists who are continue to doing work in the field, such as planting species of plants for food and protection of the fauna, and all kinds of environmental improvements, all encompassed in the Management Plans, Hunting for every bounded and supervised by technicians hired, and the Department of Environment.

With the samples of spring partridge are calculated the remaining copies to raise

From ADECANA we recall that the sampling of the partridge must be made from the 15 February to 31 march 2015, being the latest date of delivery April 30, 2015, carried out by raids of hunters 200 meters of width, where it is controlled and indicate the number of specimens observed in certain areas of the reserves.

This year as a novelty the technicians do not calculate the Index Kilometric Abundance (IKA) carrileando with a car and counting the couples, but that has to be present in the raids with the hunters, which will improve the quality of the counts.

ADECANA remember that march 14 is the deadline for delivery of the books to catch the big game of the season 2014-2015

In them, the hunters delivered the chips of big game hunting on the prowl that have been developed during the hunting season that has been completed, pointing out the area where you made the

hunting, the time of commencement and termination, and the number of hunters, resacadores and dogs that participated, pointing to the number of wild boar, roe deer and deer seen and in your case the hunted.

On the 14th of march also ends the delivery of the bracelets of roe deer and deer

March 14 is the deadline to submit the receipts of the bracelets used in the female and male roe deer were hunted during the season, as well as those of males without using that are not going to hunt in the spring, the hunting starts on the 1 of April until 31 of June.

It is also necessary to deliver the slips of the specimens of males of the deer hunted during the rut and on the prowl, as well as females that have been hunted.

With all of this, the technical access to interesting information to develop the Plan of Hunting the following season, and to study the populations of game species that inhabit our community.