Lamas: The breathing solution? – German Hunting Newspaper

31. July 2018 85






    Not only in this country, concerned pet owners pondering on protective measures against the Wolf. Our neighbouring country, Denmark, has now may be the breathing solution to the Problem.

    However, the search for a wolf-friendly answer is a up to 1.8 meters, there is now a large and up to 200 kilograms heavy, spirited animal, such as the Rhine Palatinate reported. Namely, the Lama. In a demarcated area in Jutland farmers may already receive state subsidies. Jens Nielsen, the Chairman of the südjütischen sheep breeders ‘ Association, especially the smaller breeders to purchase. Lamas are self-confident, capricious animals.

    Danish sheep breeders of the herd protection on Lamas (photo: Pixabay)

    “Once a flock of sheep accustomed to, act as the area security guards,” the Chairman told the newspaper. You could not deal only painful kicks, but also an accurate spit.

    A big disadvantage of the actually, in the Andes, native animals, however. They have big appetites and are very expensive. So classic, guard dogs can flocks, at least in the case of larger sheep, but not in a pension to be sent.