Lead-based rifle ammunition tolerated – German hunting newspaper

19. March 2018 160






    With today’s adoption of the NRW-Ministry for the environment has instructed the circles and circle-free cities, the use of lead bullets in rimfire cartridge (5.6 mm) after 1. To pursue April 2018 as a misdemeanour.

    The Ministry of the environment justified the instruction so that the corresponding lead-free projectiles in small-caliber cartridges has been insufficiently available in the market, small-caliber cartridges, but are urgently needed to impose order, for example, striped fish, and young foxes with optimal ammunition.

    The decree is also necessary to be able to young foxes with optimal ammunition killing (photo: Horst Niesters)

    The NRW hunting Association had already indicated before the adoption of the red-green land hunting law in the year 2015 in this act, deficiency, and instead of a categorical ban on Lead called for a meaningful and practice-oriented lead-minimization.