Leading Ricke of dog-ripped – German hunting newspaper

8. September 2018 58






    Last Sunday, a hunter found a severely ill DOE with her fawn. Probably a wild dog has ripped the leading Ricke.

    The DOE and the fawn were close to the connection path between the Hermann village and the Hofgut cuisine in Burladingen (Zollernalbkreis, Baden-Württemberg). The leading piece had fresh bite wounds, which are believed to have originated from a dog. The hunter wore two pieces of the snap shot. Because of the location of the event is a popular Gassiweg for a dog owner, it is obvious that a free-running dog has ripped the deer. The police Burladingen initiated an investigation due to hunting, poaching, against the Unknown. She is asking witnesses to call 07475 95001 0.


    (Icon Image: Pixabay)