Liechtenstein: 1. Wolf in the photo is the case with the German hunting newspaper

8. January 2019 49






    25. December 2018, for the first time photographed a Wolf in Liechtenstein.

    The animal was in the evening around 18:30 in the top of the Saminatal valley to the North of the jetty in a wildlife camera, which was positioned in the office of the environment for the Monitoring of the lynx. Thus, after the species identification by specialists the 1. proof of a wolf on Liechtenstein territory. Where the Wolf came from and whether it has been a long time in the border area between Liechtenstein and Vorarlberg, is currently not known.

    The first certain wolf proof in Liechtenstein (photo: office of environment, Principality of Liechtenstein)

    A few 100 meters from the location of the wildlife camera was also found a dead piece of deer, and of the Wildhut taken. It is possible that in the carcass of the DNA of the wolf backed up and then in the laboratory can be investigated. In the ideal case, in order to establish what the individual is, where the animal has been previously demonstrated, and from which pack it came from.

    In the mid-1990s, the first wolves from Italy immigrated to Switzerland. 2012 was the Calanda massif, in the border area of the cantons of Grisons and St. Gallen, not far from Liechtenstein, 1. Pack of education. Since then, this pack was a year young. Several exoduses of young animals from the Calanda-pack are now documented. It has been detected in the Region, but also the wolves that are wandering and not from the Calanda-pack. Migrating wolves travel great distances, and roam wide areas. Whether in the Saminatal valley documented Wolf for a long time in the area will stop, or only on the through journey, is currently open.

    PM office for the environment