LJT-Thuringia: wolf vortex – German hunting newspaper

8. May 2018 50






    Around 300 Thuringian hunters and guests travelled on the last Saturday in the small town of low-orschel in the North of Thuringia, Germany. The hunting Association had been invited to this year’s country jägertag in the Linden hall.

    The hunter Assembly 2018 in the draft for the new land law on hunting. The paper had provided in the past months already for powerful excitement in the Thuringian hunting community. This Trouble LJV-President Steffen made Liebig, in his detailed speech, air. Compared to the present state Secretary Dr. Klaus Sühl (Thuringian Ministry for infrastructure and agriculture) pointed Liebig on the grievances in the draft of the law on Hunting.

    LJV-President Steffen Liebig rejected the draft of the Thuringia hunting act (photos: Markus Lück)

    Furthermore, he positioned himself clearly to the emotional theme of wolves in Germany. With currently around 800 grey Germany was dogs in Europe one of the countries with a very high wolf population. Despite this massive number is there currently, in contrast to Sweden, Norway, Finland, or Slovakia, however, no possibility of Regulation.

    The Secretary of state took up this theme in his address. He surprised with a clear commitment: “The Wolf needs to be regulated in Germany for the foreseeable future.”