LJV Saxony creates new elections – German hunting newspaper

26. September 2018 53






    Last Saturday, the Chaos has found to the national hunters ‘ Association of Saxony. Because it managed the Saxons at last to choose, in the framework of a non-public extraordinary country hunter day of a new President.

    As the new President of the country hunting Association of Saxony e. V. Frank Seyring was elected. As Vice President, Thomas Markert, and William Bernstein. The office of the Treasurer Klaus-Dieter Jakob. Further Board members Sören Sabisch, as well as Enrico wood.

    Review: In February, 20 of the 36 circle groups had expressed in a brand letter to her distrust with the work of the Bureau.

    The new Presidium (photo: Landesjagdverband Sachsen)

    As reasons, among other things, lack of communication, waste of money and bad leadership. Also quarrels to the positions of Principle for the Wolf to have played a role. The fact LJV-President Frank Conrad, Vice Norman Härtner and Treasurer Kurt Reichel her hat.

    Then the Chaos in the upcoming elections: First for the end of April, please put your country jägertag in Dresden had to be cancelled. Because There is no successor for the resigned Executive Board was still to be found members. A for the 23 burst. June in Freital intended replacement date.