LJV welcomes suspension of hunting peace – time German hunting newspaper

8. February 2018 243






    The spread of African swine fever from the previous attack to Germany in wildlife areas is not of the height of the Black. The greatest danger represent human activities, such as discarded, contaminated food remains in the Friedrich – Loeffler-Institute in his risk report. As an important prevention measures of the landesjagdverband Baden-Württemberg therefore considers the Information and control of the transit traffic at external borders and along highways.

    In the case of Disease, a lower population can contribute density to slow down the spread. The hunter inside and hunters, therefore, support the planned reduction of Inventory through effective hunting. In particular, the land for hunting welcomed the Association to the announced suspension of the hunting rest period in March and April 2018. “Before the introduction of the JWMG in this time of up to 10 percent of the annual black been made wild route,” explains country hunter champion Dr. Jörg Friedmann. “We will use the two extra months to hunt.”

    When hunting, the emphasis should be on fresh apprentices and Deserters – they make a significant contribution to the further propagation (photo: Silvio Heidler)

    When hunting, the focus must be on young animals (puppies and Defector) – they contribute significantly to the further propagation. The Minister Hauk required increased firing of the streams of the country hunting Association refers to the observance of a mother animal protection. Animal welfare aspects should not be left in spite of the threat of ASP.