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11. September 2018 104






    Thomas Dankert from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has won the Federal championship in the hunting shoot 2018.

    Master of all classes: Thomas Dankert (m.), national winner Bush: Steffen Hillmer (r.), the Federal champion shotgun: Andreas Neumann (l.) (source: Kapuhs/DJV)

    With a total of 346 of 350 possible points, he scored the best performance in the combination and is the new champion of all classes.

    Federal champion shotgun with 150 of 150 possible points, Andreas Neumann from lower Saxony. Also from lower Saxony, the Federal winner comes in the box rating: Steffen Hillmer lap 198 of 200 possible rings. The title of Federal champion from all the teams was able to defend with 1355 points, the Team from the Rhineland-Palatinate. For the first time in the competition the performances were honored in the Large combination. Gold, silver and bronze medal went to North Rhine-Westphalia: first place, Alexander Sprick (538 points) is ahead of his team-mate Ingo Brammer (529) and Axel Merten (527).

    In the discipline of the short weapon of the Saar has won country-Andreas Höhne (195 points) – against Stefan Maier from Baden-Württemberg (194) and Alexander Sprick (193) from North Rhine-Westphalia. On the first place in the team standings of the short weapon, the Team from North Rhine shot with 756 points-Westphalia.

    Best shot Westphalia Kristin Sendker-Behrens (332 points) from North Rhine-Westphalia. Silver, last year’s winner Ulrike Young (327 points) was lower Saxony. Third-Michaela Schulze-Eckel (323) Westphalia placed from North Rhine-Westphalia. For their home race, the baden-württemberg ladies brought in 1,230 points and the gold medal in the team standings.

    Around 600 participants attended the event, from 5. to 8. September on the range-home stand-Bremgarten, in the state of Baden-Württemberg has been carried out.

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