May makes everything new – the German hunting newspaper

7. May 2018 45






    At this year’s country jägertag in Rhineland-Palatinate, the new President was elected. The new hunting Queen Dhana was crowned, and the new Federal agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner held a convincing greeting.

    This year, the country jägertag Rhineland-Palatinate, took place last Friday in the Congress forum in Frankenthal.

    Kurt Michael laid down during the Assembly of delegates office after 20 years of service. The previous Vice-President, Dieter Mahr, was elected as his successor. Michael ran for another term in office, he adopted, with the emotional words: “We have seen in the 2 decades of UPS and Downs. It is the positive memories of a fruitful cooperation with my Executive and fellow Board members, the circle group, Chairman and the many dedicated hunters and hunters in the country outweigh the disadvantages but. I am very grateful.“

    (Photos: Sophia Lorenzoni)

    Mahr is pleased to now be the duties of the President. His goal has put the 51-Year-old high: “My goal as a LJV-President, the excellent work of my predecessor, Kurt Alexander Michael, to continue and to put in place their own accents in a future-oriented Association work.”

    Following the Assembly of delegates of the annual General meeting was held. Federal agriculture Minister Klöckner thanked him warmly for the decades-long commitment of the former President. In addition, she spoke to the approaching ASP, and stressed the importance of a sensible cooperation in this connection. “The Federal Minister of transport, would have never thought that one day he will have something to do with wild pigs!” He said, as they sat together at the table. However, information for truckers and harvesters are more important than ever. The Minister also stressed that should apply to the hunting, with Hints and questions at any time.

    Another highlight is the enthronement of the 5 was. the Rhineland-Palatinate hunting Queen, Dhana I. her simple black dress was spiced up by a Fox hair follicle of the fur exchange GmbH.