Merkel Helix RX in .308 Win. and optical Sig Sauer Whiskey 5

The castle with the handlebar and the shutter dominated by the optics present themselves as a harmonious whole that is decidedly modern in the lines and, as you will see, in the technical choices

The carbine Merkel Helix RX in caliber .308 Win

It is spent now five years since chancellor Merkel has presented the Model Helix, a rifle lined with pattern in line with interesting characteristics and valuable technical solutions. This movement is not widespread, but that already at the end of the NINETEENTH century appeared on the accomplishments of the military of the Steyr of austria, and on the Schmidt Rubin of the Swiss Confederation, is back in vogue with a variety of solutions in the closure system: the speed with which it ricamera a cartridge after the firing of the first was a reason for interesting, coupled with the possibility to change caliber depending on the system that we will examine shortly.Merkel Helix RX in .308 Win. e ottica Sig Sauer Whiskey 5

This rapid rearmament combined with the accuracy nowadays offered by these solutions has been able to match the rifle for precision shooting at long distance with the one for the shooting in the bar, especially in the areas where they are banned semi-automatic.

The features that immediately spring to my eyes looking at this Merkel are just the easy to change barrel and head of the shutter, the latter is provided in three different sizes to cover in practice the whole range of gauges that is unusual in hunting, while in the reeds, there is only the embarrassment of choice. A reason not just for those who love to travel the world and turning his attention to hunting by the groundhog on the elephant through the whole series of ungulates or other species. The mechanics is based on a castle closed, the proceeds of the cutter, from the extruded Dural, with shaping of floors and corners that alternate with round curves that have accurate understandings of resistance and rigidity by the addition of a personal aesthetic and very pleasant. This conformation is reminiscent of that of the Sauer Mod. 202-section prismatic and long sides in the vertical, which connects the barrel with a lever cam, which binds in the front ring, the breech of the barrel. In the shell of the castle are obtained the two pieces of the slide Picatinny while inferiorly is obtained a long opening, the site of a block in which to house the group of percussion, and sprint, a part of the system of repetition and the seat of the loader.

The castle with the handlebar and the shutter dominated by the optics present themselves as a harmonious whole that is decidedly modern in the lines and, as you will see, in the technical choices

The interior

The shutter is composed of two parts: the head, front rotary is inserted through a small cylinder in the rear, to which it is constrained through a game of joints while a peg radial and a track to the cam to ensure the rotation with the first few mm of rearward travel of the entire complex. The head bears six wings of the bond, with offices in the breech of the barrel, the pawl elastic ejection and strong nail extraction based built-in, radial movement, and the long spring wire for excellent reliability. The movement is provided by a handlebar shaped, very adherent to the shaft and grip also in reset fast: acting on a rack inside, which is connected to the shutter, which creates a ratio of 1: 2 between the linear displacement of the handlebar and the inside of the shutter. It has an excellent speed in rearmament, the minimum movements of the gun from the line of sight, the safety shutter that works within the castle and that it does not interfere with the reciprocating motion in the visual optics or open sights. Another piece of valuable technique is to be found in the complex of armament and shooting: how to become the chambered cartridge is separate from the weapons obtained throughHandspannung manual operation of the button slide in place on the codetta of the breech of the castle. Usually this contraption requires a lot of pressure with the thumb, not always pleasant, especially with cold hands, and the consequent splits in the skin here, the double parallelogram of the internal gear, the effort making everything comfortable and easy in every condition. A central button allows for the disarmament of the battery if you do not want to shoot. Much appreciated the shot ready, and direct, without spinning or collapse, calibrated factory is around 900 g: we would say its optimal for every situation shooting.

The left side of the castle where the shapes and the formal are of aesthetic and, above all, structural stiffening: you note one of the two side bars relief against which are positioned the components of the butt

The butt made of the polymer consists of two parts that must be in the batting against the side bands in relief made on the sides of the castle, a characteristic that allows the flottaggio of the barrel and disassembly quick to stow the rifle in the backpack. The classic design encourages the picked up by anyone with the natural line-up, taking advantage of the sights open, adjustable notch with three green dots in fiber-translucent and the viewfinder is housed in a piece of the same material, but red in color. In addition to this specimen is mounted, a recent optical Sig Sauer, mark just started, but with logistic support of the model Whiskey 5 2,4-12×56 serves as an interesting element for their intrinsic quality and for listing affordable.

Carbine Merkel Helix RX in caliber .308

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The castle with the handlebar and the shutter dominated by the optics present themselves as a harmonious whole that is decidedly modern in the lines and, as you will see, in the technical choices

By shifting the bolt pushes back the cover of a profiled sheet that prevents the dirt from entering through the ejection port

Guessed in the line is very personal and in the feature, the throttle of the armament which, thanks to the internal ratio of 1:2 makes a path halved compared to the shutter

Between codetta and the apex of the rear of the castle is carved in the track of the sled that weapon battery: the internal mechanism ensures an exceptional fluidity

The battery was put in the position of quiet by pressing the button in the round inserted in the slide cocking

The left side of the castle where the shapes and the formal are of aesthetic and, above all, structural stiffening: you note one of the two side bars relief against which are positioned the components of the butt

From the back of the long box-shaped inner protruding guard from the oval well-kept in which is positioned the trigger curved on which it acts with ease and precision

In the perimeter of the front of the box stick out in way of contrast, the two-button striped to detach the charger from the seat carved from the same block

Extract the loader appears the compartment housed in the castle where you will appreciate the cleanliness and the executive precision to even the smallest details: the class of the Signature German does not allow exemptions

According to the current canons of the loader is composed by a perimeter in the thick sheet of drawn steel, with folds antisbattimento and lips to drop test: inside, you see the sole lift while the entire complex is encased in a socket of synthetic

Comfortable the lengths of the slide Picatinny the proceeds of the cutter from the cap of the castle, on which engage the two rings for mounting a new optic: Sig-Sauer

No shortage of rightly the aims of the open: the robust notch inclined mounted on the socket is equipped with three references point fiber optic yellow green. Adjusting the pan & tilt is done by the seat of the dovetail

One socket with base, non-glare matte supports the viewfinder fiber red, clearly visible, and is compressed in three rings: the adjustment in elevation is carried out by the knurled screw front

Still a better view of the adjustment of the viewfinder together with the muzzle, where the linings are protected by a is rounded at

The calcium in synthetic features classic shapes with a pistol grip by the rough surface non-slip, hake highlighted by the two hull side, the back, the linear and the recoil pad antirinculo

Also the rod from the profile, stylish and functional displays in the points of the socket, the characteristic surface roughness for stopping the hand in the unfavorable conditions like water or mud

The optical Sig-Sauer Mod. Whiskey 5 presents reference values 2,4-12×56: views of the signatures in the game is easy to understand how optical glass and mechanisms are of high quality

Carbine Merkel Helix RX in caliber .308

Data sheet
Manufacturer: Suhler Jagd und Sportwaffen GmbH, Schützenstrasse 26, D – 98527 Suhl (Germany) – phone +49.36818540 – fax +493681854201 – –
Importer: Bignami spa, via Lahn 1, 39040 Ora (BZ) – tel 0471/803000 – fax. 0471/810899 – –
Model: RX.Helix Base
Type: rifle barrel grooved pattern with movement in the line
Operation: shutter, rack-and-rotating nozzle with six wings on two files
Percussion: the weaponry of a dog with external key
Extractor: a nail with a large development with motion perpendicular to the spring registry on the wire
Extruder: pawl elastic in the face of the shutter
Barrel: carbon steel – length 56 cm – 4 lines, right-hand – interchangeable for groups of gauges – diameter sprint 17 mm – on request reed Seed Weight with a diameter of 19 mm: slight increase in weight and additional precision to your shooting
Shooting: direct adjustable with a single trigger
Safe: automatic thanks to the system of armament manual battery
Sights: notch mira U with three references green adjustable stems – red crosshairs with the adjustment in the elevation
Butt: in two parts obtained by molding the polymer with grip, medium-end, rubber butt soft – pegs to the t-shirts, quick-release
Caliber: .308 Win. ( alternative: Mini – .222 Rem. – .223 Rem. – Standard – .243 Win. – 6,5×55 SE – .270 Win. – 7×64 – .30-06 Sprg. – 8×57 IS – 9,3×62 – Magnum – 7 Rem. Mag. – .300 Win. Mag.)
Materials: Dural to castle and special – steel barrel – synthetic butt
Length: approx. 107 cm (barrel 56 cm)
Weight: 2.900 g
Finishes: black anodizing for scratch – brushing for reeds and accessories
Case: to be supplied, in part, two models of carrying case for the weapon single disassembled or larger weapon is disassembled, and a barrel reserve, two lenses and a charger additional

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