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11. August 2017 77

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Hunter is a young company, in the modern trophy plates made of unusual and precious materials, designed and manufactured.

(Photo: The Manufacturer)

After Jana-Christin Oeynhausen had completed their hunting license should be honored, the first hunting success the traditional way on the walls. “But everything didn’t fit what I found on the market on trophy plates, simply in our design-oriented housing”, so the owner of hunter thanks.

Why make then not trophy plates themselves, which are characterized by simple Design and modern and stylish finishes? First of all, only for their own needs, began Oeynhausen 2016, together with her life a small but fine design line companions to develop for exceptional trophy matches.

The plates are for 6 game species (ROE deer, fallow deer, red deer, chamois, mouflon and boar) and 12 basic Designs available. From 5 wood species, 5 high-gloss finishes and 2 precious metal coatings the right combination for your facility can be selected. In addition to the trophy plates Waidmann offers stylish gifts and accessories.

“Almost 100 years of experience, our joinery-a family operation and our care in manufacturing, guarantee the highest quality. Because we as a small factory is very flexible, we look forward to exceptional custom-made products,“ the head of the company. So nothing like ran and a trophy Board in their very own Design in the future.

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