More and more ASP cases in Belgium – the German hunting newspaper

8. October 2018 35






    Since the reports of the first cases of African swine fever (ASF) in Western-Europe it seems (thankfully) quieter.

    But the calm is deceptive: According to the Belgian authorities in the zone have been found in the built-in “Quarantine” so far, 53 ASP-positive wild pigs.

    Of all-clear there can be no question. Almost every day more cases are known. Outside of the 63,000-acre risk area, the Virus has not been found yet.

    Experts-according to forecasts, could infect up to 400 wild pigs. Overall, to spend about 2,000 pieces of wild boar in the core area.


    Don’t do that. Wild boars discarded food, especially of raw materials, and so infect (photo: Tobias Thimm)