NABU received over 42 million EUROS of state money German hunting newspaper

12. September 2018 77






    From 2000 to 2018, the naturschutzbund Deutschland e. V. (NABU) has received a total of at least 42 million euros of various Federal ministries. The information provided by the Federal government are not incomplete, because part of the files.

    The funds were invested in the wide variety of uses in the home and abroad, partly in direct support of the Association’s work. The spectrum ranges from studies, campaigns, platforms, and networks to the financing of trips to Beijing to Turkey, to New York or Brazil.

    It should be noted that the NABU can rely on annual own resources of 45 million and receives additional Federal funding from numerous national governments and the EU funding. In recent years, the NABU had also collected donations by he backed out of the project actions against allegedly harmful to the environment investment.

    The request in the Bundestag, the FDP. It is available here …


    (Photo: Pixabay)