Namibia-Hunting Trip, Part 6: Far-Shooting

Far As Long Range Shooting –

Another great experience in Namibia was the far-shooting.

So far, I had never shot really at a greater distance than 100 meters. Neither is on the shooting stand still on the hunt. The more I was excited to shoot at a very large distance. Bunsi had told me in advance about the topic. But really, I couldn’t imagine it, how I was supposed to meet at a distance of more than 200 meters.

“In stages, up to 810 meters!”

We meet at the in-house shooting range. He is located directly in front of the hunting farm is an oasis and consists of a very well groomed long shooting rail, on the targets in the distances of 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 810 meters in the Form of rocking metal discs, with a corresponding earthen walls as a ball catch, are placed. In the vast Expanses of Namibia , and on the private territory of the family Erpf of about 20,000 ha, no Problem. Alone the possibility to be able to free on a whim to shoot, had an extremely high “freedom value”.

Far shoot with Hansi and Bunsi Erpf

A great feeling

if you meet

Shoots Rainer Bunsi Erpf

After the 100 meters, of course, is no Problem, it was the distance of 200 meters is increased. After a successful hit, it went to the 300 meters. And with the professional instruction of Bunsi also this distance was mastered soon. An incredibly cool feeling, after a hit at this distance.

Then followed the Wide 400, and 500 meters until, finally, the 810 meters were!


Bunsi will continue to expand its range for his hunting guests to shoot Far in the future, and, for example, a practice-oriented shoot out of the terrain on the wild dummies. I’m excited, personally, because then the challenge and the experience is increased significantly.

Bunsi and Carsten at the 810-Meter-disc

In summary, I can say that this far shoot me personally a lot of security and absolute self-confidence in relation to other shots. Now, I wouldn’t put it past me without Another also once a hunting shot at 200 meters. And I’m sure I’ll meet then as well, as I have done so far to 100 meters. Also, it’s just a lot of fun with the Bush-intensive to deal with and easy to time the ball on a whim to get out of whack!

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