Namibia: No more hunter photos in social networks – German hunting newspaper

4. July 2018 109






    The Ministry of environment and tourism in Windhoek, has, in a Minister Shifeta personally signed the Memorandum of 3. July 2018 informed that the Items in the photos in the Namibia shot, which shall be of the animals is in the social media and networks is undesirable.

    What is the objection against such a hunter photo? (Photo: Markus Lück)

    This is true not only for professional hunters and hunting guides, but also for foreign hunting guests.

    Doubtful hunter photos have in recent years led to public Controversy about the hunt. “This practice is not only unethical, but it is also the Image of the well-regulated hunting industry in Namibia is damaged,” said the Minister on the figure of animals killed on the Internet.

    The Ministry does not wish that hunter photos will be purely used for private purposes, but on Social Media platforms like Facebook, instagram, etc., publicly presented. Therefore, it is now introduced in the hunting licenses have a clause for all hunts in Namibia, after such a Post.

    In Germany there are already similar rules. The exhibition “hunting and dog prohibits” the exhibitors of the Show of hunting films that show the Moment of the killing. Many of the German forestry offices also allow only the private use of photos shot in drive hunts. The publication in the social networks, however, is not explicitly allowed.

    In a joint statement, supported DJV and CIC the advance from Namibia. To Solz the head of the German Delegation of the International hunting Council, CIC, Wilhelm von Trott: “hunter photos do not belong in the social media. We have often experienced enough what harm they are doing.“ DJV-President, Hartwig Fischer said, a lot of hunters photos would not pass the Breakfast test: “We should ask ourselves self-critically, what Mrs. Maier feels next-door when you bite into your Breakfast bread rolls, when you see the photo of the severed head of a Rehbocks, which is located on the bottom of a trash-filled Garage.” That is not our understanding of ethics in the hunting and certainly no advertising for us, hunters, fishermen.

    CIC and DJV appeal to its members to make when Making memorable photos of respect for the Wild and empathy for outsiders in the foreground. The craft of hunting could then be shown in the Form of images. Trainers of hunters are called upon to address the issue of the use of social media and the appearance in Public more.