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Navarra exige a los cazadores mejoras del hábitat para poder cazar la perdiz más de dos días - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.Navarra exige a los cazadores mejoras del hábitat para poder cazar la perdiz más de dos días - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.

As indicated ADECANA in a press release, Management of navarre still loaded in the hunters responsibility of the conservation of the red-legged partridge, and now to be able to hunt more than two days will require them to actions of improvement of the habitat correspond to the Management.

As a novelty in the order of vedas it has been established that societies of hunters proving to have worked in recent years on effective measures of improvement of the habitat of the partridge, as the bands without harvest or fallow, the crops and/or brush clearing for the improvement of this species, have been accredited to have worked actively in the control of predators, and have been presented in recent years, some calendars hunting appropriate to the natural populations available in the limited.

Jesus Irazola, secretary of ADECANA and representative of this association on the Advisory Committee of Hunting, don’t you agree that if you want to hunt more than two days is available as a condition sine qua non of the companies have to meet these three conditions. The Administration through their studies, and to the hunters we are very clear that the problem of the partridge is not the hunting, but the deterioration of their habitat. What if the management of the habitats it is up to the Government of Navarra, for which Environment to load exclusively on hunters something that should be done by Administration?

Irazola indicates: “We have been twenty years of management plans for hunting and have not served for nothing, as they only serve to count the animals and to spend uselessly much money to the societies of hunters. The gradual decrease of the partridge is known that is determined by the change of habitat. From ADECANA we come requesting for many years that the management plans for hunting are comprehensive, including hunting, agriculture, cattle ranching, forest management, etc.”.

This experienced hunter, says that the POC serves only if they improved the habitat. “Societies only we are the owners of the potentials that we are awarded, but the owners of the lands which are usually the councils, along with environment are the ones that have the power to real improvement. On the other hand the hunters, we are not the owners of these lands, and we can only do what we let them, and above all with our money and manpower”. Jesus gives two examples that could work: a municipality can require in the lease of communal practice of environmental measures favourable to the fauna, such as forcing to leave bands without harvesting, to promote brush clearing, etc, or the Government of Navarre could do much more to that collection is made with a greater respect for the environment, or demanding a greater control of the econdicionalidad that promotes the CAP.

The partridge will disappear the day you stop hunting

The secretary of ADECANA affirms categorical: “The partridge will disappear the day that you will stop hunting. If the Administration continues to focus solely on limiting the hunting of quail, will decrease the partners of the limited and, with it, the contributions and volunteer labor of the societies and, therefore, works in favor of the partridge and of the habitat”.

Floren Markina, phd in Biological Sciences and manager of Aran Navarra Environmental Services and specialist management plans for hunting, nor agree with the management that is doing to the habitats of the species of the steppe.

Floren indicates that the hardness of the terrain on which develops the hunting of the partridge, the progressive matorralización of the slopes and a high average age of the hunters, “significantly hampers the hunting of the red-legged partridge, in many bounded navarre, so that the pressure exerted on the population is minimal, regardless of the days of hunting that are raised each season, being more effective and rational to establish a quota of catches by season that a limitation of the days of hunting”.

In its consideration, the issues surrounding the red-legged partridge in Navarra, in general, “is based on a progressive loss of habitat through the transformation of the traditional uses of the field (agriculture and livestock, mainly), influencing little, or very little, the hunting pressures on the species. See the case of bounded who have opted for the closed species, and are continuing to lose population at the same rate, that before the close of their use”.

To understand this force, the current system of limiting zonalmente the achievement hunting of the lands, constitutes a great grievance comparison with those who, each year, work for the recovery of the habitat for the species and for the conservation of the natural environment, suffering from these, therefore, identical limitations that the terrain where the management is virtually little or no.