New board of directors of the Section Lift of the SCI-Iberian Chapter – CazaWonke – Hunting and Safaris, your daily hunting.

Nueva junta directiva de la Sección Levante del SCI Iberian Chapter - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.

The past may 16, took place the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Section Lift of the SCI Iberian Chapter, to discuss, among other agenda items, the presentation of candidatures for the presidency of this section, giving as a deadline, in accordance with the statutes, until the day 26 of may.

Pedro Mico Méndez, president up to this time and since the formation of the Chapter the Levant, suggested a change of presidency, and for this formalization is called period open for filing of candidates, having submitted a single application in time and form in the person of Vicente Giner Calatayut. It convened the Extraordinary General Assembly for approval on the 12th day of June last, and in the same, and being the only one submitted, was proclaimed unanimously by all attendees.

Calatayut thanked the confidence of the attendees and announced new projects to this section, and that future meetings will feature.

Thereupon the new president designate of the charges that form the rest of the board, appointing the following positions:

President: Vicente Giner Calatayut

Vice-President: Cristian Abella Pla

Treasurer: Jorge Ricard Martí

Secretary: José Cardona Bisquert

Then, we moved on to the round game and to dinner, ending the meeting with the best harmony of all.