New game Event in Dortmund – the German hunting newspaper

11. December 2018, 56






    Whether a fine saddle of venison, succulent wild boar, or a strong deer goulash, grilled, braised or roasted, the variety of the game knows no boundaries.

    At the same time as JAGD & HUND opens its doors from 29. January to 3. February, the WILD FOOD FESTIVAL for the first time, his trade fair goals. With him, the fair will the areas of culinary and meat preparation, with its own platform and with the Westphalia hall is a own hall. Foodies can cost at the various stalls to your heart’s content the wild specialties and matching appetizers, the appropriate accessories, and Equipment purchase and cooking demonstrations by many experts to be inspired.

    The well-known TV chef and lover of wild game cuisine, Johann Lafer, the WILD FOOD FESTIVAL is not to be missed. The celebrity chef will introduce in the Workshop “the Noble Wild” an exclusive circle of people in the art of game preparation and do not show how, with specialized knowledge, skill, fun and Humor, great dishes can succeed even if they are quite simple.

    TV chef Johann Lafer kocht, with the exclusive circle of “Noble Wild” (source: Johann Lafer/ Westfalenhallen Dortmund GmbH)

    Festival Tickets include delicious recipe ideas