New movie: wild hunt in Pomerania pig moon, many sows and Pierogi

Moonstalker on sows

Together with the hunting office G. Kahle ( we went for a weekend to the German-Polish border area in the upper forestry Bierzwnik. It was I by Eike Mross (the editor of our hunt, photographer) as well as two other Mitjägern.

And hunting days with a first-class accommodation, food should be experiences with regional delicacies, and exciting Hunting.

Photo: EM

The upper forestry Bierzwnik is located in the Western part of Poland, just two hours by car from Berlin. The hunting area is immediately adjacent to the national Park of Drawa (Pol. Drawieński Park Narodowy). The ice age shaped landscape of meadows characterised by extensive areas of arable land and especially the forest, where many lakes are located.

The small villages in the area provide a Ostrom antique, and actually seems to have sometimes time stood still.

Now in the winter months the days are short, and in the moon nights, the Stalking. So my Passion appropriately, it went to the moon, stalking wild boar.

The spot bot with applied hunting paths, which are similar to our Wühläckern, excellent opportunities. The lanes closed ansitz were pulpits. In front of the pulpits was scattered over a length of approximately 200 meters of the sandy forest floor with a harrow and corn grains loose eingedrillt.

Hunting trail

In the days that were Eike and I point of view, led by the Polish hunting förster, Christof to this open to wild magnets. The two Mitjäger were led by a broad-shouldered hunting Forester Martin. We had a two night Stalks eight Times in contact with sows.

The hoped-for snow, however, remained and so it was time to tackle the composting as close as possible to clean the Reticle to see. A challenge, but certainly many-Hunting. To the respective lanes quickly and thoroughly view, use one of the hunters, a thermal imaging camera. The Second led, the hunting weapon and the target floor. When we saw the Rotten thing, it was to approach quietly and to make the right choice. One of the most exciting hunting forms that I know of.

Three Scion

And the Stalking errands so much. Red, Black, ROE deer and Predators in sight. So one of the devotees was initially with a Redcoat on the glade and into the night with a short-barreled, massive boar.

A loud cracking of the Branch under my right foot caused me to inwardly curse and later a loud abblasende and growling Leitbache quickened my breathing and my pulse. Just until he stopped, the hunting success. He certainly is not everything for a experience hunter, but a culmination of an eventful hunt. So all the hunters were the prey. Eike could have succumbed at the first stalk a boar, wild boar, and I on the night of the Result of a three year old boar that weighed broken up 57 kg. The second stalking group stalking guide Martin could shoot in two nights, three sows.

Five piece black and wild, the two hunting days were more than successful

In all our hunting guide Christof was, by the way. With a strong Darz Bór, he handed the hunter quarry. In Poland, the hunting tradition is still alive and obviously well.

The time went much too quickly to an end and on departure was already clear to me that there will be a reunion.

The summer nights are short and the days long. Then, Stalking over the sight and, very close to the silvery summer pre-rind…

Greeting and Waidmannsheil

Your Three Scion