New Video: VLOG #2

Hello hunting – and nature friends,

the channel is growing and growing. Already more than 14,000 YouTube subscribers follow me, and also the number of video views continues to grow. The 5 million mark is cracked. Time to say once again I thank you, too. The silent Followers, and the Followers who comment on the industrious.

Vlog or video diary…number 2 from the year 2018. Today I show you the months of April to June. With exciting, in a quiet and emotional hunting experiences from the home area, but also from districts in the state of Brandenburg, where I was invited. Among other things, Red, Dam and black game.

And I’ve done a new microphone for the video editing. I hope the sound quality of the voice comment is now better.

In this sense, it looks at you. Thank you for Your interest ;-). Greeting and Waidmannsheil Your three Scion

Note on the topic of “advertising”:

When you show products, and thus the interest of the spectator is awakened, it is considered advertising. In particular, if you get how I hunting equipment available, or otherwise supported. I have to mark, even if it should be one or the other nerves.