New wolf territories in Saxony – German hunting newspaper

30. July 2018 93






    In the rural districts of Bautzen and Görlitz could be each demonstrated 1 new pack of wolves.

    2 puppies of the large Henner dorfer pack (photo: LUPUS)

    Photographs show Cases with mammary glands and puppies. How the contact office “wolves in Saxony” is telling, both would Happen retroactively for the last monitoring year 2017/18 as wolf pairs. In 9 addition, the existing wolf territories new recruits could be detected.

    In the monitoring year 2016/17 14 pack, and 5 pairs were detected, whose territories are mostly located in Saxony. In the not-yet-completed monitoring year 2017/18 for the documentation according to the document, and Advisory Agency of the Federal government on the topic of Wolf so far, 17 of the pack and 4 pairs recorded. In 17 packs reproduction has been demonstrated, a total of 55 puppies.

    In the summer and autumn months, the focus of the wolf monitoring is to point in search of Puppies.

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