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3. May 2018 107






    9. May show more than 160 cinemas in the documentary “hunting – for Whom the nature belongs to?”. On several channels of the DJV is giving away movie vouchers

    Each of the 10. The cinema in Germany from 9. May the movie “hunting – for Whom the nature belongs to?”. According to the NFP-film distribution, this number is for a documentary to be unusually high. Shortly before the cinema release of the German hunting Association (DJV) is giving away movie vouchers on its website and in social media.

    Director Alice Agnes Kirchner takes the viewer in a fascinating micro-cosmos: our German forest. The Film shows realistically the hunting, without bias, and is a film experience with stunning images of Nature. He discussed hunting as a social phenomenon beyond Pathos and Natural chauvinism, it. It comes to the question of what is natural, whether there are you, and how the man his habitat with the wild animals.

    Scene from the film “On the hunt – for Whom the nature belongs to?” (Photo: BROADVIEW Pictures)

    The list of participating cinemas in the whole of Germany on the Internet page is continuously updated. Nationwide, hunters associations accompany numerous film screenings with actions and venison dishes.

    PM DJV