No more time for raccoons – German hunting newspaper

31. July 2018 179






    1. August may be hunted the small bear in the state of Hesse – home owners and the protection of the species can breathe a sigh of relief, the Landesjagdverband Hessen in a press release.

    In Hesse, the annual range 2017/2018 stood at more than 28,000 raccoons (photo: Shutterstock)

    The LJV calls for a rethinking of the country policy and expects the parties to take a clear Position prior to the parliamentary elections in October. The Numbers are clear and show the rapid spread of the small bears in the whole of Germany. Here, in particular Hessen, is the duty of the EU regulation. However, the repeal of the times is complicated by the recently published management plan as a regional species conservation measure: in the future, the protection of species projects to the population need to be control, as in the Wetterau or the Rhön through a meticulous Monitoring is mandatory and evaluated.

    Also another point of the management plan excites the minds and is a capitulation in front of the raccoons: The Plan is to dispense with the attachment of commercially available nest boxes for birds and bats in areas in which such cases are regularly excluded from raccoons.

    “It can’t be that efforts of conservationists and bird friends have to stay, just because of the raccoon during the spring and summer months, more freely can spread,” said Ellenberger.

    Many hunters and hunters are also asked of the damaged home and property owners in order to help when a raccoon in the attic has settled or a stink ensures the end of raccoon-Latrine (toilet) on the roof of the ground for displeasure. “The raccoon spreads from the Hotspot regions, such as Kassel in Germany and beyond national borders. Nevertheless, he can Hesse 1. March to the 31. July will not be hunted. But just at this time, the small bears are particularly active, raiding nests of ground-nesting species such as the partridge, prey on the offspring of field hamsters, rabbits, and hares, or occupy the nests of the eagle owl and the black stork.

    “Because the raccoon is subject to the hunting law, hunters are a competent contact person when it comes to the reduction of wild stocks in the area,” said Ellenberger. This is also a decision of the Bundestag from 30.06.2017 to confirm. Accordingly, the station owner should be the first point of contact for the implementation of this public task.

    “A hunting of Young raccoons must be in compliance with the parent animal protection year-round,” says Ellenberger.

    The provincial hunting Association, has launched the Internet portal what every citizen can report damage caused by raccoons,. From the anonymised cases of damage statistics are to be compiled. This should be presented to policy-makers.

    PM LJV