No packaging law for Hobby-hunters – German hunting newspaper

26. November 2018 77






    I have to, or I don’t have to? Many hunters don’t know whether you need to take note starting next year, the new packaging rules or not.

    No packaging law for Hobby-hunters (photo: Markus Lück)

    But most of the green skirts should probably breathe a sigh of relief. After all, who brings only small amounts of venison in the traffic and not “commercial scale” is, is not affected by the provisions of the new act on Packaging.

    “Who has displayed his self-employed activity (hunting), or through commercial display ads must be or who is operating in the meaning of the income tax law, income from business, self-employment or agriculture and forestry, are in each case commercially in the sense of the packaging act. Also, who makes losses from his activity for tax purposes, is commercially“, is the clarification of the Foundation’s Central office packaging register at the request of MdB Hans-Jürgen Thies, who is himself a hunter, and Vice-President of the country jagverbandes NRW.

    Thus, the vast majority of hunters were out. “Only hunters engaged in hunting on a commercial basis, subject to the provisions of the new act on Packaging”, in food and agriculture Committee-working member of Parliament.


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