NRW-hunting law: A step further – the German hunting newspaper

9. May 2018, 73






    Before the summer break, the amendment to the land hunting law, as well as a new cormorant regulation in the North Rhine-Westphalian state Parliament should be advised.

    The key points for the Revision were adopted by the Cabinet yesterday. This paves the way for the associations to consultation and the parliamentary process. With the amendment to the land hunting law should be adapted more closely to Federal government legal guidelines and the proposed cormorant regulation allow for the Regulation of the stock in a limited number of cases.

    The President of the state hunting Association of North Rhine-Westphalia, Ralph Müller-Schallenberg, commented on the proposed draft as “Urgent, decisive and fair”. Now, a timely consultation and adoption of the law. He is showing confidence that the against the resistance of the entire rural area adopted land hunting law “from the head to the feet” and practical requirements.

    To include the vertices of the hunting law,-amendment to the re-orientation of the list of game species to the Federal hunting law, the adaptation of the hunting and closed seasons, observing wildlife biology and the practice of Hunting and the relief for the predators hunting, as well as an increase in the Kirrmenge to 1 Liter.