On the 28th of may there will be the election of the new Committee Hunting in the Valle d’aosta

Il 28 maggio ci sarà l’elezione del nuovo Comitato Caccia della Valle d’Aosta

Il 28 maggio ci sarà l’elezione del nuovo Comitato Caccia della Valle d’AostaThe next 28 of may there will be elections of the new Regional Committee of the Valle d’aosta for the management of hunting. The date is uffiuciale after meeting in recent days between Laurent Viérin, councillor of valle d’aosta Agriculture, and the various representatives of the local hunters. The last few months of game management in the northern region have been nothing short of moved.

The meeting served to smooth out the differences, given that the reform of 2016 has raised many doubts and concerns: it is precisely these controversies have led to the resignation of the entire Committee, the Hunting , and the appointment of an extraordinary commissioner, Paul Orellier. As explained by the Region, there is the possibility of resuming cooperation within the hunting world, therefore the reconstitution of the Committee is seen as an essential starting point.

Viérin met with eight representatives of the many constituencies of the hunt, as well as the presidents of the territorial sections and to the representatives of the associations of hunting and dog. The meeting was also characterized by the presence of the commander and vice-commander of the corps of foresters of Aosta Valley: the new Committee Hunting is likely to remain in charge until 2018.