On to new Paths – travel in the USA

Hello hunting – and nature friends,

At the end of April I was invited, along with editors from European weapons magazines such as CALIBER or VISOR to SigSauer Arms in the United States. With the flyer, it was about Boston to Newington and Exeter, New Hampshire. The SigSauer Academy. A shooting training school, which is used by civilians, but also security authorities (home land security, police, military). In addition to the factory tour we got the opportunity under the guidance of former elite soldiers, the weapons, the SIG Sauer P320 X-Five polymer pistol, the subcompact pistol P365, as well as the self-loading rifle (semi-automatic) SIG test Sauer MCX Virtus. In the invitation you can be as a hunting blogger skeptical, because these weapons it is often the case in the hunter world. I made myself a picture of the possibilities of these weapons, and I’m on your opinions curious.

Greeting and Waidmannsheil
Your Three Scion