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11. January 2018 61

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After a hunt, it may be that hunting dogs are missing. A joint project of the German hunting Association and hunting dog Association now provides a focal point for hunters and assistance with the search.

The new Facebook page, “hunting dog missing” helps dogs to search for missing persons hunt. The German hunting Association (DJV) has launched in cooperation with the hunting dog Association (JGHV), the project to life. Facebook users can report-without the bureaucratic hassles of lost or found dogs. The site is updated daily. In the first 24 hours, the page had more than 1,000 Likes. “In the past hunting season, Ask us for forwarding the missing ads than ever before,” says DJV Bureau member Dr. Hermann hall man.

The new Facebook page, “hunting dog missing” helps in the search for missing hunting dogs (photo:

The volunteer 16-member editorial team is asking for targeted division of the contributions in the respective Region. In addition, info of the employees cover with regional animal shelters, forestry departments, and veterinarians.

During the hunting season, it can often happen that hunting dogs to lose the orientation or about their work hurt and not be able to find back. DJV and JGHV offer with “hunting dog” missing direct and expert assistance.

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How does missing the “hunting dogs”?

Affected can report via private message or via the E-Mail addresses and information about missing hunting dogs. The following information is needed:

  • Name of the entlaufe of the dog (reputation and kennel name)
  • Race, gender and age of the entlaufe dog
  • Date and place of last location/sighting with as detailed information (the next location AND (if possible) coordinates)
  • Dog chipped: Yes/no
  • Image of the runaway dog
  • Special Features
  • Information about the holder (Name, contact)