Only emergencies to report – the German hunting newspaper

14. May 2018 58






    5 goose and duck families of the fire brigade in Bochum were reported last weekend. Only a goose family posed a serious threat.

    Around 10.40 PM last Friday, several callers reported a 6-piece goose family on the A 40 at the Wattenscheid-West (North Rhine-Westphalia). The Canada goose endangered not only themselves, but also the road traffic. 4 Gössel and one of the two adult geese were brought from the firemen caught in a Park in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. 4 other calls with similar messages were received by the fire brigade, an Intervention was not necessary. The fire-brigade does not ask, therefore, is to report each case, but only when there is acute danger.


    (Photo: Feuerwehr Bochum)