Outrage in the sector hunting of CLM with the regional Government and we Can – CazaWonke – Hunting and Safaris, your daily hunting.

Indignación en el sector cinegético de CLM con el Gobierno regional y Podemos - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.

The representatives of all the organizations of the sector hunting in Castilla-La Mancha, Aproca, Federation of Hunting, Attica Castile-La Mancha, Attica Guadalajara, Federation of Galgos and Asaja, criticized with hardness the grotesque lived yesterday in the parliament of Castilla-La Mancha.

On the one hand, the populism of the group we Can has outraged the sector. Statements like mp’s David Sanchez: “the hunting limits the right of the citizenship”,”is the slaughter or mistreat animals”, “hunting does not serve to control the wildlife or the sobrepoblaciones”, or “hunting is a predominant activity of cotos intensive and elitist in Spain and Castilla-La Mancha” denotes, in addition to a profound ignorance of the management of the natural environment, a complete ignorance of the reality of the region they are representing.

The Animal Welfare Act, the Hunting Act and the attack of We to game, center of the controversy

So, in Castile-La Mancha for only 7% of the surface regional is limited as reserves, intensive, taking, therefore, the activity a marked social character, as in the rest of the country. Therefore, they state: “We will pass bill in the upcoming elections to play one of the main bastions of the socio-economy of this region, the hunting. We will move this message we Can to the entire rural environment of Castilla-La Mancha, because, beyond the more than 100,000 hunters from la mancha, the rest of sub-sectors rural are affected by this economy.”

In addition, encourage Mr. Sanchez to you with your salary to the public to hire the best advisers and to consider what is the opinion of the European Commission or the International Union for the Conservation of Nature about the importance of hunting in the conservation of natural spaces, not to be a problem, but part of the solution.

Qualify We as the “spokespersons” of Ecologists in Action, an environmental organization whose radicalism and political interests are far above the great problems of the rural environment of Castilla-La Mancha and remember that, thanks to the hunting tourism in this region, thousands of people have a job or an income that allows them to survive in a people whose only resources are the agricultural sector and the hunting.

In terms of regional Government, pointing directly to the counselor Martinez Arroyo for the development of the Animal Welfare Act, which process has been carried out entirely behind the backs of the sector, including the completion of the term of allegations in summer, without being summoned to a single meeting after a year of work and, in addition, developing a text very harmful to the development of the cinegetic activity in the region, such as the suppression of shot a pigeon.

“Is the double yardstick of this advisor, criticizing the previous game Act of 2015 by not having with all sectors, using hunting as a political weapon in elections with this argument, and developing an Animal Welfare Act belittling the hunters”, pointing from the sector.

The union of PSOE and we Can at the national level by rejecting the amendment of the Law on Natural Heritage and Biodiversity and the dire consequences for hunting and fishing in Spain and, finally, the process of endless modification of the Hunting Act of Castilla-La Mancha and whose last draft, again to give back to the requests of the sector, add to the indignation of the representatives of the most important associations of hunting in the region.

Therefore, since the industry game will ask for this in writing to the Socialist Party and the Popular Party sit in a table working with these representatives, that hunting is no longer a political weapon of smear, and to think about a joint approval of the text of the Hunting Act.