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Arrival In Namibia

Finally, Namibia Lasts about 10 hours of the flight to Namibia-Windhoek ( Windhoek). After all, I had a direct flight from Frankfurt. From the plane, got off, waited for my host to Hansi with his own plane. So, we flew…
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Silencer in Bavaria, allowed to HUNT a TOTAL of

Health protection through muffler is now possible The shot of pop at the hunting exercise health problems can be triggered during the hearing. Hearing protection the ear is not suitable for all hunters and types of hunting. It also reduces…
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Deer rescue in Iserlohn, Germany – German hunting newspaper

13. December 2016 85 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter To had to a deer-rescue forces of the professional disengagement feuerwehr Iserlohn (Nordrhein-Westfalen) early yesterday Morning. A local resident reported the fire Department people a deer that had tangled