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Wild rabbit with mediterranean perfumes

Our recipe impiattata. Wild rabbit with mediterranean perfumes Ingredients for 8 persons 2 rabbits (depends on size in the preparation of our recipe have been used 2 to about 3 Kg of meat); the liver and kidneys of rabbits; 1…
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The photo book of Serena Galvani “AIR, MEN, HAWKS”

Letizia Scarfiello “The AIR, MEN, FALCHI” photo Book of Serena Galvani. 1 of 25 Juan Bernabe Letizia Scarfiello Antonio Leone Tiziano Tiles Gianluca Medde Richard Christian Richard Christian Gianluca Medde Gianluca Barone Gianluca Barone Fabio Sella Giuseppe Toma Alberto Fagan…
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