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Namibia-Hunting Trip, Part 6: Far-Shooting

Far As Long Range Shooting – Another great experience in Namibia was the far-shooting. So far, I had never shot really at a greater distance than 100 meters. Neither is on the shooting stand still on the hunt. The more…
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Hunting bow-shoot | instructions & deal HUNTING TOTAL

The hunting bow is an interesting weapon. In Germany is (still) not allowed. But in Namibia you can go on hunting. BUNSI explains what’s up with the hunting bow and the bow hunting. #Hunting total #hunting oasis

Black Mamba killed with SOUR 404

Black Mamba – Viper killed On the way to the Farm, discovered Bunsi a Black Mamba. Poisonous snakes can be a very high threat for people and their Pets . Their poison is often deadly , and so are habitat-conflicts…
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When To Shoot? Coyote Hunting Tips

We’ve all heard people talking about how they’ve shot a coyote at a thousand yards on a dead run. How they’ve had three coyotes come into their calls and bagged all three of them, and my favorite scenario is when…
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