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300-meters shot HUNTING TOTAL

My first shot at the distance of 300 meters. If you have never made such a thing, it is a great feeling. Prior to the briefing by “Bunsi” I would not have believed that I will

Hunting backpack, backpack for hunting

My hunting equipment, hunting backpack After I brought you a few months ago with a small Video of your opinion and advice for a new hunting backpack had asked, I have very many tips, comments and Emails from you. MANY…
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CALL // New binoculars – HUNTING TOTAL

On the search for a new binocular, I would like to ask you with this Video calling for your help. What decision-making criteria to find the best binoculars? And how is this being assessed? I am pleased about the many…
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This is hunting

 THIS IS HUNTING This hunting video “The hunt” was born on a rainy August day. I had invited my hunting friends to goat hunting. By the way, I, I wanted to “make a few video recordings” mentioned. Enjoy nature, meet…
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