Poaching: Lombardia, meeting in the Region with hunters ‘ Associations

Bracconaggio: Lombardia, incontro in Regione con le Associazioni Venatorie

Bracconaggio: Lombardia, incontro in Regione con le Associazioni VenatorieFIdC – Italian Federation of Hunting

Poaching in Lombardy, if you spoke last Friday at the headquarters of the Lombardy Region, the alderman of the Hunt , Gianni Fava, that has organized a meeting between the representatives of the Associations of hunting in brescia and the institutional representatives, always bresciani, the 5 Star Movement.

This meeting was requested in a formal way by the directors of the regional grillini, in order to deepen the theme of poaching in our province, they say, could get out of control. The board members, the petitioner, the brescia Gianpietro Maccabiani of Montichiari, had presented a motion of urgent in the Council immediately after the episode of illegal logging of a specimen of hermit Ibis in the municipality of Darfo asking the Region to close the hunting in Sandy Valley, Valle Trompia and, of course, in Valle Camonica.

Fortunately, the request was not successful also because it lacks not only according to us but also for the Region, of the legal basis but the requirement of a meeting with the greater strength of the opposition had remained, and then the councillor Fava has successfully promoted the meeting. The associations were all present, and for Federcaccia was, of course, the president Marco Bruni.

The Movement 5 stars was represented by the director Gianpietro Maccabiani and by the parliamentary Tatiana Basilio, Ferdinando Alberti and Claudio Cominardi. Maccabiani has listed a series of data, a hundred verbal contested by the forest of the Noa in the month of October and the result of a day at the side always of the Noa in the Valley say they see the emergence of the image of a high rate of illegality in the behaviour of hunters in the province of brescia. Maccabiani has asked what do they do with hunters ‘ Associations to combat the poaching and if they would be willing to collaborate with the institutions to identify and marginalize those who do illegal acts when hunting.

President Brown said that first and foremost Federcaccia has eliminated any form of legal protection for those who use the means prohibited, and therefore we are speaking about networks of traps and lures electromechanical. In addition, we promote training courses for the federcacciatori and initiatives in the schools of every order and degree for the promotion of the culture of hunting.

The offences of felling of banned species are a very small percentage of those elevated to our members, and they are often a legacy of the typical hunts, traditional bresciane to the small migration. It is only cultural evolution that can lead to a decrease of the illegality; at the same time, however, it is crucial that you are able to recover forms of traditional hunting today confined to the realm of illegality.

The road ahead is long and the will to dialogue, we do not have it denied. The intellectual honesty in the comparison must, however, be reciprocal and the argument is not “hunting or hunting no,” but to whom hunting to the future.