Poland: the Wolf bites for children – German hunting newspaper

28. June 2018 114






    In Poland to have attacked on last Tuesday a Wolf 2 children, and injured.

    After the animal had been shot, according to the regulation by a regional environmental authority of a hunter. This is the Polish hunting Association today confirmed to the German hunting Association.

    The incident is said to have in the Carpathian foothills in the village of Przynslup close to the Slovak border, happens. The Wolf is the first to have an 8-year-old girl injured, a short time later a few hundred meters away, a 10-year-old boy. The injuries were not life-threatening. Both children would be treated in the Polish media that is currently in the hospital. Polish media reports now, that is probably the same Wolf is said to have bitten a few weeks earlier, a woman at a campsite.

    In Eastern Poland, a Wolf should have attacked on Tuesday two children. Immediately after the Attack, the Wolf had been shot (photo: Rolfes/DJV)

    A hunter was charged after the biting incident to the child to kill the animal, which he succeeded according to media reports, on the same day, with the support of the police. Veterinarians to examine the animal body on rabies and on the basis of the DNA, a possible hybridization test.

    “We have to wait for the investigations to clearly establish whether there actually was a Wolf. In Germany, it must be independent of it is possible to kill individual animals or an entire herd immediately, if you are displaying any unusual behavior,“ said Helmut Dammann-Tamke, who is responsible for the Wolf at the DJV Bureau. A natural fear of people, the Wolf does not possess, he must learn from the people and their livestock to keep, Dammann-Tamke.

    Unlike the Federal office for the protection of nature of the DJV rating it already as a behavior when wolves approach several times during the day, settlements, or at night to cross.

    PM DJV