Police clarifies on lorry drivers stammtisch on ASP – German hunting newspaper

9. March 2018 31






    The motorway police Sittensen informed, in the context of the checks and stripes Eastern European cruises, is currently targeted long-distance drivers about the dangers of the African swine fever (ASF).

    This special and controversial problem, the Heading of the truck driver master table of the police Directorate Lüneburg, last Wednesday evening. Accompanied by a television crew of the NDR, spoke to the moderator team in advance, specifically long-distance drivers from the Eastern European countries and handed over to these from the German Federal Ministry for food and agriculture created the information sheet. With this in 6 languages translated Flyer remote driver regarding the handling of their own food and their residues should be made aware.

    In the course of the Evening told and illustrated by Dr. Markus Wendt, veterinary of the district of Rotenburg, on the basis of an interesting presentation of this disease and the course of the propagation route.

    In 6 languages of the plate link is to give as many long-distance drivers the opportunity to learn (photos: Polizeiinspektion red castle)

    In the year 2007, the Virus had been discovered for the first time in Georgia and then spread out over Russia, the Baltic States, to Poland and the Czech Republic. In the context of the causes of research, it became clear that this speed and wide jumps, of human origin. As had been noted that the dissemination of animal disease, with the redeployments of troops of the Russian army from the border region of Georgia, as well as trade routes went overland.

    In the case of the Virus was a “tough opponent” as the mortality rate in infected animals at 100%. You research already for a long time on a vaccine to immunize pigs against it, so far unfortunately without success, so Dr. Wendt.

    In order to be prepared for an emergency, was developed in cooperation with another country, a concept of circles. So that appropriate precautions had been taken, so that you can get this “mammoth task” with appropriate measures. These preparations had been urgently required, since, according to current knowledge, a control of the Virus, if he had only taken once by foot, very difficult to not possible. Due to the clean and hygienic animal husbandry in Germany, in which no food scraps may be fed to pigs, is likely to be more of a low risk of infection. Because a success Infect mainly by direct blood contact, or through the Feeding of contaminated food, knew Dr. Wendt to report.

    Why the remote traffic back into the focus of prevention measures, could be brought by the presenters and Dr. Wendt with a short and to the point. The current research on the propagation assume that the international transport of goods is one of the most likely possibility. In this area very long distances to be covered and by food brought in, of which the remains are disposed on the transport path, in part at rest areas and in the free nature, cannot reach the pathogens thus also to Germany. Therefore, the County asks red castle and the police to observe the instructions of the leaflet and the Information to pass on.