Re-arrest after the hunter-murder – German hunting newspaper

13. December 2018 95






    In the case of the killed hunter Simon Paul Birkenfeld (Baden-Württemberg) were reported by the police and the public Prosecutor’s office yesterday, another arrest.

    The on Tuesday arrested 42-Year-old is accused, along with an already detained 29-year-old suspect in the August act committed may have been involved. The man was brought in the course of extensive investigations in the focus of the Soko.

    Search measures by police divers after a further evidence of the Enz multiple items such as 3 cell phones, a hard disk, and a Revolver had to be encouraged.

    (Icon Image: Pixabay)

    This would, however, do all of nothing to do with the case, Paul, there’s no proof of significant findings provided. The whereabouts of the missing weapons, no statements could be made.