Re: Kahles Helia Rangefinder

With the new Helia Rangefinder (RF) EAC-function KAHLES presents for the first time, powerful binoculars with a Rangefinder.

With a reliable objective measurement of up to 1500 meters, easy intuitive operation/menu navigation, the EAC function (angle correction) and the noise-free accessory of the tawny owl, the destination promises to be a telescope manufacturer führiges and lightweight package for a successful hunt.

  • Product highlights
  • A simple and reliable target detection up to 1500m (1600y) distance
  • EAC-function (Enhanced Angle Compensation) the angle correction
  • Intuitive, simple menu navigation
  • High-quality OLED Display with 5 manual lighting levels
  • Display in meters or Yards
  • Scan mode for continuous measurement
  • Long Battery Life Of 3000 Measurements
  • Innovative accessories made from high-quality, noise-free natural materials of the manufacture of the tawny owl consists of hand-crafted leather-wool felt-belt and unique case-binoculars-protection – combination of brown Gebirgsloden

Manufacturer photo

Suitable to the existing Helia binoculars-product family the new Rangefinder in 2 practical magnifications (8×42/10×42) and around € 1500,- as of January available on the market.

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