Registration duty at game marketing – German hunting newspaper

6. November 2018 39






    Attention! Fines – any person Who supplies, as a hunter vakuumiertes game meat to the final consumer, must be no later than January 2019 as the “producer” in a packing register.

    The German hunting Association (DJV) has in a communication to a new packaging law. Even now, should stand up to the packaging regulation, all producers of packaged products for the disposal of your packaging. In General, these successes through participation in a “dual System” (e.g., Green dot).

    Without registration Packed may game 1. January 2019 not more photo: DJV)to be sold (

    Would the “producers” also include the hunter, the venison is packaged (e.g., vacuum Packed) to the end consumer, catering or retail. Not as a manufacturer within the meaning of the packaging Ordinance applies, however, who grabs a Wild selling only unprocessed (e.g. in the ceiling).

    New from 2019, is that all of the “manufacturer”, in the packaging register and must indicate in which dual System they participate in. The objective of the scheme is more transparency and an increase in the recycling rate due to a better coverage of all manufacturers of packaged products. Registration success online and also now possible.

    Without registration no (packaged) products more likely to from 1/1/2019 to the final consumer, restaurants, etc. are completed. The breach can be punished with a fine. An exception to this rule for small businesses it does not give. Who is packaged as a hunter of game (e.g., vacuum Packed) to the final consumer, restaurants, etc. selling, must have completed a contract with a dual System, and, at the latest, in January, as a “manufacturer” in the packaging register be registered.