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RFEC y SEPRONA se reúnen para fomentar la colaboración mutua - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.RFEC y SEPRONA se reúnen para fomentar la colaboración mutua - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.

Last Tuesday, the Royal Spanish Hunting Federation (RFEC) had a meeting with the Head of Service of Nature Protection SEPRONA, the Civil Guard to continue working in pro of the conservation of the environment and the interests of hunters.

In the meeting, which took place in Madrid, attended by the SEPRONA commander Luis Alberto Madero and the lieutenant Luis Fernando Solanas, among other controls, while the constituency federations represented by the president of the RFEC, Angel López Maraver, the president of the Federation of Extremadura Hunting, José María Gallardo, and the technician of the RFEC, Juan Herrera.

During the morning we addressed, among other points, the need to join efforts for a greater collaboration between both entities, with special relevance in unify criteria aimed to facilitate the work and cooperation between agents of the SEPRONA and hunters, and solve effectively the problems which relate to the hunters ‘ federation. Thus, the RFEC will be launched together with the Headquarters of the SEPRONA a national day to lay the foundations of collaboration between both entities and, subsequently, there will be similar meetings at the regional level and provincial level.

Is expressed by the RFEC, the concern about the wrong information about the activity of hunting, which attack and harm the collective hunter, who have been posting on social networks of the Civil Guard, ensuring the SEPRONA that will solve this aspect immediately. He also asked that the officers help as much as possible the time of harmonizing rules and regulations hunting existing in the different regions of spain, and that so much confusion they cause the time to practice hunting.

The commitment of the RFEC to the sustainable management of the hunting was another of the topics discussed, so they will insist to their federated the importance of complying with all the regulations, positioning themselves against the poachers and establish a zero tolerance with the use of poisons in the field. Also, the Federation is going to reinforce the idea that the SEPRONA is at the service of the citizen and of the hunter, asking at the same time, this Body that does not have a bias towards the collective hunting.

Finally, it was emphasized the important role that hunters have in conservation of nature, requesting the SEPRONA that encourage the communication relationships between regional federations and the different commands, at a regional level and provincial levels, in order to foster a collaborative fluid to the interests of both groups and of the environment and conservation, the ultimate objective of both hunters as the Service of Protection of Nature.

The president of the RFEC, Angel López Maraver, mostróo very satisfied with the result of these conversations, “where they have laid the foundations to hold future days of work in which both the SEPRONA as the RFEC we can convey concerns to solve the problems in the field encounter day-to-day both groups”.