Rhino top in sunroof hidden – German hunting newspaper

14. June 2017 51

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An approximately 15-centimeter-long Rhino top found officials in the space of a Car sunroof at the border control.

As the police announced on Tuesday, and was already on 30. April found on the A40 in Straelen (North Rhine-Westphalia) in the case of the border monitoring a rhinoceros tip.

A 37-year-old Vietnamese had wrapped this in the space between his sliding badger in a sock. The traveler claimed to have the Horn on a Belgian antique market for 5 euros acquired. On suspicion of violation of the cites (trade in endangered species of free-living animals) has been drawn in the Rhino tip.

(Photo: Police)

The 37-Year-old a criminal case now, because he could not provide the required documents for import. The customs will take over the further investigation.