“Rich citizens” are unreliable – German hunting newspaper

26. June 2018 76






    Belonging to the so-called “Reich citizens ‘movement” justifies the revocation of a weapons permit.

    With this decision (decision from 18. June 2018 – 9 L 9756/17.GI) confirmed the administrative court of Gießen, the assessment of the weapons authority of the County of Marburg-Biedenkopf, to revoke a suspected supporter of the scene, the weapons legal permission due to unreliability.

    The applicant had also placed in the view of the chamber several times for “rich citizens,” a typical behavior, what is the adoption law is finished, he will close this group and their ideology, at least.

    “Rich citizens” are weapons legally unreliable (icon image: Hans Jörg Nagel)

    According to the court, persons of the so-called “Reich citizens ‘movement” to belong to, or their ideology, have made as binding as his own, “in principle, as the weapons legally unreliable”. Who negation of the ideology of the Reich citizens ‘ movement, following the existence and legitimacy of the Federal Republic of Germany and the basic law, a law based regulations do not recognize, generally speaking, as binding, according to the court, there is reason to fear that he would not comply with the regulations of the weapons law strictly.

    The decision is not yet final.