Rules and dates days 2017/2018 for the practice of the hunting on the island of Formentera – CazaWonke – Hunting and Safaris, your daily hunting.

Normas y fechas hábiles 2017/2018 para la práctica de la caza en la isla de Formentera - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.

The balearic island of Formentera has set the periods days of hunting and the vedas special that are set for the season 2017/2018.

Are species cazables on the island of Formentera the following: the rabbit, the hare, the partridge, the quail, the pheasant, wood pigeon, turtle dove, common dove, turkey, woodcock, starling, the thrush, the common thrush faces, the mistle, the zorzal pardo, and the following aquatic birds: the mallard, the wigeon, the pintail, the common teal, a teal carretona, the spoon, the frieze, the common pochard, the pochard morrudo, the snipe and coot.

You can be shot in days, and with a gun the seagull common (Larus michahellis), as well as lasting all the year with special authorization.

To all effects and purposes, a business day within the period of big game hunting in general, except when otherwise specified, are the Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays national or regional. Excluded are the festivals of local character.

Hunting grounds

-The rabbit hunt opens July 9 and closes on January 7. During the period between the 9 July and the opening of the game in general you can only hunt with dogs, without shotgun. Until the 3rd day of September can be hunted only on Thursdays and Sundays.
The working days are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays national or regional.

-The period of hunting of the hare is the same as that of the rabbit.

-Midseason. In Formentera it is not practiced hunting in the regime of midseason.

-Hunting in general. From 22 October to 7 January. The hunting of migratory birds just the 4 of February. The hunting of the thrush common begins October 22 and ends on 4 February. The hunting of the pheasant just the 28 of January.

-Up to the march 4, may allow counts of woodcock without death with can of displays in the reserves. Working days are indicated in the point 1 and with a maximum of two dogs, simultaneous hunter. Not be able to bring a firearm or detonadora.

-Hunting the partridge with claim male with a shotgun or bagues: it is permitted only to the hunting grounds. From 2 January until 28 January, and may be extended until the 11th of February, in the reserves report. Within this period you can hunt for the Monday in addition to the days listed in the article 1, and between 28 and February 11, all days of the week, except Wednesday.

-Hunting rabbits with dog hound: you can with a maximum of 10 dogs for a single hunter, and with 12 dogs when they are two or more hunters. In the hunting report may form groups up to 4 hunters and 20 dogs. The number of dogs maximum cannot be exceeded in any case.

-Hunting rabbits with dogs, and shotgun: allows for the formation of groups of hunters to hunt rabbits, with a maximum of 10 dogs and a shotgun. These may not be put together with other groups of hunters.

-Allows the hunting of rabbits with ferrets in the hunting grounds if it has the prior authorization of the holder, express and written, for this practice to hunting. May authorize the use of the ferret in any type of terrain with the prior request of the owner or holder, for damage to agriculture.
Limitations: the add-ons to the ferret allowed are dogs and/or shotguns, and the birds of prey, despite the fact that the holder of the land may limit to one of these two practices your authorization. Do not allow the simultaneous use ferrets and nets or snares, unless you have express permission.
Period and working days: the period and the days of hunting are of hunting in general, which allows the hunting of the rabbit.

-Falconry: the period and the days of hunting are the hunting in general. As well, the rabbit can be hunted from the day on which is allowed to rabbit hunt with dogs and/or shotgun. To the reserves, in addition to the business days of hunting established by article 1, it is possible to hunt on Monday.

-The hunting of the thrush common by the traditional system of yarn in the neck, known on the island of Formentera as yarn freu, authorizes the 22nd of October and the 4th of February. Working days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays national or regional.

-Promotion of the dog hound: to give respite to the heritage that represents this breed of hunting dog indigenous, are declared on days 15, 22 and 29 September as business days for the hunting dog hound, and in accordance with the regulations that are of application for all purposes in this agreement of commission of government in the midseason and to the societies of hunters and private preserves that instructed to do so.

-It is forbidden to practice any type of hunting to all the islets and the coastal cliffs of Formentera. You may authorize the hunting of rabbits and control the population of the seagull common by damage to the flora or to the fauna.

Check in this link the approval of the rules fixing the periods days of hunting in Formentera.