Saxony-Anhalt: Egyptian Goose, and Wolf soon huntable species? – German Hunting Newspaper

28. May 2018 57






    At this year’s country jägertag in Wernigerode (Saxony-Anhalt) were on 26. May, President Dr. Hans-Heinrich Jordan, as well as the other members of the Bureau, outstanding me selected results.

    For the on their own wish, departing Albrecht Hellwig, Jörg Matthies is now sitting on the Bureau.

    President Jordan spoke out vehemently for the outlet of the hunters from the Agricultural cooperative, since the contribution for compulsory insurance was excessive. He pleaded in favour of the Egyptian Goose in the catalog of the huntable species in Saxony-Anhalt. He lamented the lack of transparency in the case of development of the Population of the wolf in Germany. The Wolf wants to know Jordan in the catalog of the huntable species.

    The old and the new President of the LJV Saxony-Anhalt: Dr. Hans-Heinrich Jordan (photos: Dr. Rolf Roosen)

    The competent state Secretary Dr. Ralf-Peter Weber (The Greens) stated that, the land hunting law should be changed in the autumn of this year, in close consultation with the regional hunting Association. President Jordan confirmed the very good collaboration between the hunting community and the Ministry.


    State Secretary Dr. Ralf-Peter Weber (The Greens) did not shy away from the shoulder-to-shoulder with the hunting community