Saxony: she-wolf with concrete weight to sink the German hunting newspaper

10. July 2018 145






    Walkers discovered the 10. On June Tagebausee Mortka (LK Bautzen) on the surface of the water floating carcass of a wolf.

    How the contact office “wolves in Saxony” announced yesterday, was detected in the salvage of the carcass, the chest holes had and the stomach of the dead wolf a rope was tied to. At the other end of the reins and a concrete weight was attached to the carcass in the Tagebausee was sunk.

    A on 12. June 2018 at the Institute for Zoo and wildlife research in Berlin conducted examination of the carcass have confirmed the suspicion that the 1-year-old female wolf was illegally shot.


    8 illegal wolf killings since 2009 are captured in Saxony (photo: Icon)