Saxony: Wolf on A 27 run over the German hunting newspaper

6. March 2018 22






    The on 1. March 2018 in the case of a traffic accident on the highway near Chemnitz killed animal it is another Wolf.

    This is the study of the cadaver confirmed at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and wildlife research in Berlin.

    How the contact office “wolves in Saxony” announced yesterday, the injured wolf dogs are probably the animal which was photographed 2 days earlier in the immediate vicinity of the S-57 between Tauscha and Chur village (LK Mittelsachsen). Thus, there are now 5 wolves, who came since the beginning of the year in the free state of Saxony traffic killed due to. 4 of the wolves were directly killed by the accident. Another Wolf had to be euthanized due to his massive injuries.


    Since the beginning of the year there were in Saxony, a total of 5 traffic accident deaths of wolves (icon image: Pixabay)